The future of Passwordless Authentication : Safe, Smart, and Seamless

Hawcx offers the world’s first and only  platform-agnostic passwordless solution that delivers groundbreaking innovation in end-to-end passwordless technology, eliminating the need for passwords and password databases entirely. Hawcx is paving the way for a safer, smarter, and more seamless authentication experience for all.

While Passkey is the only transformative  end-to-end passwordless technology, compared to the passwordless-”like” solutions available today, it comes with it’s own set of challenges:

  1. Platform-dependent passkey management
  2. User Interoperability challenges
  3. High Implementation Costs
  4. Increased attack surface due to keys synced over the internet
Hawcx overcomes these challenges with its patented technology, providing a breach-free and frictionless experience for any user, across any platform. It’s the ONLY Breach-free End-to-End Passwordless Solution: Password databases are known to be the weakest links in traditional authentication systems. Even so-called  “passwordless” methods like email magic links or SMS OTPs rely on password databases. Hawcx offers a true password-free authentication process end-to-end, eliminating the need for Passwords, ensuring user sensitive data is never compromised, and making authentications breach-free. The Universal Compatibility ensures a seamless authentication experience across all devices and operating systems.

Our solution is designed to be:

  •  Safe: No More Passwords and Password Databases. Providing a truly passwordless solution, that eliminates the need for password databases and private key storage, preventing threat vectors at login process thus making it breach-free authentication.
  • Smart: Born in the GenAI era with inherent AI capabilities, Hawcx continues to innovate in identity frauds including deep fakes in voice and image, protecting end user and workforce identity, in the digital world.
  • Seamless: Hawcx delivers a consistent and secure authentication experience for every user, regardless of their preferred platform or geography. Our TurnKey Integration enables businesses to quickly and easily deploy our passwordless solution. 

Hawcx is designed for easy integration, with no extensive development effort required and minimizing implementation costs. Our platform is built to scale for global business needs, providing robust and reliable authentication for millions of users without compromising performance or security:

  • Large Enterprises: Readiness to Complete integration in under a week.
  • Small Businesses: Get started within 48 hours.